Attention all FMOM patients: Medication Refill / Prescription Alert

Family Medicine of Michigan providers (physicians and nurse practitioners) have unanimously agreed that as of June 1, 2018, prescriptions for chronic class 2 opioid medications will not be issued by any provider employed by FMOM. Those patients who are currently on any chronic class 2 opioid medication will be receiving, or have already received, written communication as to how future management of their opioid scripts will be managed and options offered for future management of their medical conditions.

While it is undoubtedly needless to point out, this action is largely prompted by recent difficulties that have arisen regarding this group of medications that are both medical and social and is afflicting our nation as a whole.

Please refer any questions you may have to your personal FMOM provider and please note that this includes only chronic class 2 opioid medication.

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