Dr. Spedoske’s Letter to Patients

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To my patients at Family Medicine:

I wanted to share the news with you that, after fourteen years of practicing at Family Medicine of Michigan, I am leaving to pursue a different career opportunity. There are many reasons for this very difficult decision, some of them related to the changing landscape of medicine in the United States, but most of them due to my family’s needs and my personal passions and interests. I have taken a position at Olin Health Center on the campus of Michigan State University, providing medical care for the students of MSU.

Of the many factors that made this a very difficult decision, one of the greatest was the sadness that comes with ending my relationship with my wonderful patients. Some of you have been with me for a very long time, and our relationship has included a lot of laughs and perhaps some tears. I want you all to know that I cherish the role that you have allowed me to play in your life, and it has been a privilege and an honor to care for your health.

I leave Family Medicine with the strong belief that there is no practice in the state of Michigan that does a better job of caring for its patients. The level of expertise, intelligence, and compassion that the providers demonstrate on a daily basis is unmatched. Because of this, I will certainly continue to bring my family members here for their health needs, and I trust that you will continue to receive excellent care here as well.

Through what I can only describe as divine providence, the practice has just added a wonderful physician, Dr. Peter Miller, who is ready to take on the majority of my patients, without undue delays or complications. That gives me great comfort as I move on to this next chapter in my life.

With a thankful heart,
Dr. Tim Spedoske

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